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Mike Mentzer
(November 15, 1951 - June 10, 2001)
        Ray Mentzer  (August 2, 1953 - June 12, 2001)

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If you haven't seen it yet, please enjoy this Flash Tribute to Mike Mentzer that we made several years ago.


Thank you for joining in loving memory to celebrate the lives of both Mike and Ray Mentzer with these new 2018 Celebration of Life testimonials!

After the many statements I have made for past celebrations and communications with you, there isn't much more that I can say about the greatness of Mike and Ray Mentzer and their lifetimes’ accomplishments. They remain Legends worldwide on their own names and merits, and I've done my best to keep the light burning for all who seek their knowledge.

For decades Mike was referred to as Mr. Heavy Duty (a title he earned for sure), and I want to confirm that referenced title has not been passed on to anyone else. The only other person who deserved to be called Mr. Heavy Duty was RAY MENTZER who worked along with Mike for decades to fine tune and research the training program.

It is truly amazing that all these years have passed, yet so many of you have sent me such heartwarming emails expressing your memories and sharing your feelings with me. This is more helpful than you know! There is no doubt in my mind that Mike and Ray would be so very proud to see that they are remembered by all of you and to know they have impacted your lives so greatly.

Although I haven’t been able to get through all of the testimonials to post, in the event you sent me one and it is not posted, would you kindly send me a “nudging email” or resend it to me?

However, if you take the time and go through the various links on the Home Page, there are countless awesome testimonials and tributes from the past years. Especially if you are somewhat new to Heavy Duty™ training. You will find them inspiring.

In the TIPS section, the very TIPS Mike wrote for Mikementzer.com are rotated every few months. Take time to read them, because they could possibly be helpful to you.

Mike and Ray Mentzer
Mike and Ray Mentzer
Mike and Ray Mentzer

The volume of trainers and gym owners, including supporters who are strong advocates of Mike’s HEAVY DUTY™ high intensity training continues to grow even more throughout the world. I have no doubt that when I retire that the Mentzer Heavy Duty Legacy will be carried forth by all of you who have taken the time to truly learn all that there is to learn about Heavy Duty teachings and philosophy.

"The purpose of my writing and communications with others,
in addition to providing rational training guidance, is to help
achieve an ideal society via a cultural revolution that will bring
men back to reason and logic, the only means of solving
the problems threatening our very survival."
---- Mike Mentzer

My deepest appreciation is extended to all of you!

Joanne Sharkey, CEO/President
Mentzer-Sharkey Enterprises, Inc.


MY 40 YEARS USING HEAVY DUTY™ -- Posted 6/14/18
By Kevin McNamara, Owner, Kevin’s Gym

My testimonial to Ray and Mike Mentzer on their 17th anniversary June 10th and 12th. I want to share my memories of meeting Mike and Ray as a way to commemorate them both.

I met Mike in 1977 for the first time, and again in 1978 while he was preparing for the World Championships that year. I was lucky enough to have stood by him for a few exercises. My own training up until then was a high intensity workout, following Arthur Jones system. Following all Mike’s writings on HEAVY DUTY™ at the time, I came back to South Africa full of fire and got ready for the next year’s Mr South Africa. Well for the first time, I won it as a heavy weight. This showed an increase of 4 to 5 kilos in quite a short time.

Mike and Ray Mentzer Training
Mike Mentzer Posing
The next year Dennis Tinnerino came to South Africa, and we had a few workouts together. Dennis was so impressed with me and my strength gains that he told Arnold about me. Arnold asked me to enter the Pro Universe that year in Columbus, Ohio which I did. This is when I met Ray Mentzer for the first time. I must tell an amusing incident that happened at the contest. I was sitting in the change room with a fellow South African, Ray was sitting opposite us and he was as big as a house! My friend was renowned for 8 hour daily workouts, droopy shoulders, heavy pecs and arms and nothing much more on his physique. My friend’s comment was "Ray your shoulders are huge how many sets do you do?" Ray says "3 sets and you?" The answer "60 sets"!!! Ray must have jumped an inch or two off his chair saying, "I can see that you do 60 sets, you have no shoulders".

In 1984, we were again in America for the World Championships at Las Vegas. World politics as it was, those of us from South Africa were shut out and could not enter. Reg Park, who was our manager, thought I could have won that contest. Reg, I must add, has been a friend to me for many years and lived not too far away. Please bear in mind that during all this time, I was following Mike’s HEAVY DUTY™ as it was in those years.

In 1986 I went to Tucson Arizona for the Universe and made 4th place and the following year made a 6th place at the NABBA Mr World. My best achievement was in 1990 at age 43, I won South Africa’s Best Developed Man weighing a very hard 98 kilos at 5 ft 6inches. At that time, it was 3 times a week and split day 1 chest and back. Day 2 legs, Day 3 shoulders and arms. I retired from bodybuilding the next year, looking better but only placing 3rd.

Here in South Africa, we were so excited with Dorian Yates winning the Olympia. Not only was Dorian using Mike’s HEAVY DUTY™ at this time, but he and a young pupil of mine trained with Mike at the same time. My pupil went on to win the NABBA Universe in 1994.

I started entering powerlifting after this, using Mike’s Consolidation system in 2005 at age 57, I made a 4th in the Masters World Championships. Till today I have trained Mike’s HEAVY DUTY™, although now over 70 and not much is happening, but I am very healthy and hardly ever have a cold, but “Dr.” Mike Mentzer has been my medic for the last 40 years, and I do not think I will be changing in near future.

Another trainer I know here and I strictly use Mike Mentzer’s HD training methods on ALL our students and they are now also Mike Mentzer students – we use no other training method except for HEAVY DUTY™.

Kevin McNamara, Owner Kevin’s Gym

(ED: Kevin and I have communicated for many years, and I have enjoyed hearing about the successes of his clients, some of whom are also competitive bodybuilders. I can attest to the fact that he is well versed on the HEAVY DUTY™ training system.) To read more about Kevin, click here for his previously posted testimonial.

Rob Pomroy
Sandhurst, Berkshire, U.K

Mike and Ray Mentzer Training
Mike and Ray Mentzer Training
I had toyed with various programs for over 20 years until I rediscovered Mike’s HEAVY DUTY™ books. When I initially read about him and his training methods, it was the early 80’s, and I was a deeply rooted Arnold fan at that time, so Mike’s words fell on deaf ears.

As volume training was all I had ever known and used, it was easy to dismiss HEAVY DUTY™. What made the dismissal easier of all that I read by Mike or about him (even though Heavy Duty™ actually made more sense) was that Mike was no longer competing, and well, everyone did volume training...didn't they...!!!!

Fast forward to 2008, and a chance conversation with a friend who I hadn’t seen for years, which opened my ears again. My friend looked totally different, 20 lbs. heavier, muscular and looking great. And as I soon found out of course he was doing HEAVY DUTY™ training, I was convinced to have a go with it. Simply put, HEAVY DUTY™ works like nothing else, it’s not easy, but the best part for me is the time out of the gym.....no more slogging time wasting workouts for little gain. I actually look forward to every workout and see improvements on weight or strength every time.

To give you an example, as I hadn't lifted by that time for about three years, I started from scratch - leg extensions went from 44 lbs @ 20 reps to 198 lbs @ 30 reps...!!!!!!! You may be thinking “Man, that’s too many reps and not how Mike would do it”, well it is only because I could not fit any more on the stack, and I could do more than the prescribed 20 rep max. In the same time period, my dead lift went up in the same fashion – 100 lbs @ 6 reps to 297 lbs @ 8 reps. All high intensity of course, in a little over eight months. I know you probably heard similar such examples over the years, but it proves that HEAVY DUTY™ works.

What are you waiting for - get started!!!!!!!

Rob Pomroy – U.K.

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