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Please join in and celebrate November 15th in honor of Mike’s birthday.

There are several new Testimonial Tributes and a Tribute Article posted below today so please read them. I’m sure you will feel as I do in that the writers are grateful for the impact Mike had on their lives. Loyalty to Mike and his Heavy Duty™ teachings have been never ending.

The Mentzer Legacy continues on!!

Thank you.

Joanne Sharkey, CEO/President
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Christian Schramm Reading Heavy Duty II
Christian Schramm Reading Heavy Duty II
Christian Schramm
Christian Schramm
By Christian Schramm
Laval, Quebec, CANADA

My name is Christian Schramm, and I have been training HIT/Heavy Duty style for more than ten years now. Looking back to where I first started, I still cannot believe to this day the amount of progress I've made.

Back when I was in High School, other kids would regularly "pick on me" as I was a scrawny, easy target. This is where my interest for Bodybuilding, Strength Training and Weight Lifting was first born: as a means to become stronger and bigger in order to defend myself and my honor.

At first, I read and tried the conventional Weider/High Volume approach with mixed results. - I gained approximately 10 pounds of muscle in my first year, but quickly hit a plateau after that. - I was 150 pounds at 5'8" and was unable to progress past that point.

When I first entered the University, my workload increased dramatically (as I was studying in Dentistry). I had almost no time left for myself, much less to even think about working out!

This is when, in search for a solution, I stumbled across a training video of Mike Mentzer. Mike Mentzer's HEAVY DUTY™/HIT Ideas & Principles left a very STRONG impression on me. I was so impressed with what I saw that I decided to read EVERYTHING I could on the subject.

Being an intellectual & rational man, a Mensa member and a student in Dentistry, I quickly realized that Mike Mentzer's later ideas (as presented in Heavy Duty II: Mind and Body©) were in fact the MOST ADVANCED training principles ever conceived. - Mike Mentzer's Heavy Duty II can truly be called "The Final Evolution of HIT".

The physique I currently have is entirely and solely the product of HEAVY DUTY™ training. By training Once-A-Week, mostly on Nautilus & Hammer Strength machines, One-Set-to-Failure, I gained another 35 pounds of lean muscle mass.

I am currently stronger and bigger than ever... thanks to Mike Mentzer, Heavy Duty Training and Nautilus machines!

Christian Schramm
Laval, Quebec, CANADA

By Dave Durell, MS, PTA
Certified Fitness Trainer and Studio Owner, Licensed Physical Therapist Assistant

Clearwater, Florida

Dave Durell and Mike Mentzer
Mike Mentzer Training Dave Durell
Joanne, thank you so much for the opportunity to leave a lasting tribute to Mike, a man who has had such a big impact on my life.

I have been a fan of Mike Mentzer since the late 70's. I first saw him in person when he guest posed at the Ms. Olympia in Philadelphia in 1980, 5 weeks before the Mr. Olympia contest. His physique was jaw dropping! He also gave a seminar there, which remains one of the best I have ever attended. That seminar really opened my eyes to proper strength training principles.

In 1982, I got a job working at a gym, and I talked my training partner into trying the original Heavy Duty™ program with me. We performed the program exactly as it was written in the old Heavy Duty manual that I had ordered out of a magazine. In the first 4 months, I gained 16 pounds while keeping my body fat in single digits. These results propelled me from being a Mike Mentzer fan to a devoted follower!

In 1993, I mailed him a study I had conducted while in physical therapy school, and in response he was kind enough to mail me a rough draft of a chapter of Heavy Duty II: Mind and Body.

In 1996, my wife bought me a training session and some phone consultations with Mike at Gold’s Gym in Venice CA as a Christmas gift, so I was fortunate enough to be trained by the man himself. He was one of the most benevolent, intelligent and authentic people I've ever met, and I cherish the memories I have of him.

In addition, Mike's influence was the starting point for Rock Solid Fitness, the personal training studio my wife and I own in Dunedin FL. We do strictly high intensity training there, and all of our young fitness coaches are well versed in the teachings of Mike Mentzer.

I am now 59 years old, and continue to utilize the Consolidated Routine Mike had me on years ago, with a couple of age-related modifications; for example, I regularly include a set on our neck machine, and sometimes substitute the Nautilus low back machine for the deadlift. I am starting to experience the effects of high school and college wrestling on my spine and knees, and these modifications seem to help.

Thank you, Joanne Sharkey, for all you have done to carry on Mike's legacy. Thanks to your efforts, trainees from around the world can continue to benefit from the life's work of the one and only Mike Mentzer.


Dave Durell, MS, PTA
Clearwater, FL

MY 10 YEARS USING HEAVY DUTY™ -- Posted 11/15/18
By Shane Burke, Personal Fitness Trainer

Mike and Ray Mentzer Training
My love for the Legendary Mike Mentzer and his HEAVY DUTY™ training system started just a couple of years ago and continues to grow.

Before, I was one of the guys overtraining like crazy and injuring myself more than bettering. At that time, I followed Arnold’s routine of Mon & Thur chest and back, Tues & Fri delts and arms, and Weds & Sat Legs, but constantly I kept getting fatigued trying to keep up with these long sessions of draining workouts. My strength gains would go up and down like a roller coaster. Then I tried doing one body part a day workouts, which in the beginning “seemed” to work, but then the injuries came. If you think about it logically I was pushing and pulling like 6 times a week. My right shoulder was always in pain, and in Sept of 2016, I had to have lower back surgery on my L4 and L5 disks. Finally at this point, I said that’s enough, it was time to stop following the crowd. I started to read about shorter and better workouts, and of coarse, Mike Mentzer’s name came up.

I was born in 1979 so I unfortunately missed Mike’s greatest years as a bodybuilder on earth. Luckily though, through his books and with the wonderful help of the sweetest woman ever, Joanne Sharkey, and great writer John Little his words came to me like wild fire. He was so beautiful to look at, his face of determination, his amazing body and his wonderful mind for thinking outside the box. I totally became a believer in Mike’s teachings. He is truly my role model when it comes to bodybuilding and being yourself.

So I set up my routine just like he says in the books. I first started with his Mr. Olympia routine which involved training the body every other day and splitting the body up. I never felt so great in my life, my strength gains went up and “stayed” there! My body was always well rested and best of all I felt great! I now follow Mike’s basic “Ideal Routine” of Monday – chest and back rest up to 4-7 days and hit legs rest again and hit deltoids and arms and rest again and hit legs again. I feel so good and having two jobs and three highly active daughters, this routine suits me best. I’m a personal trainer who always trained people the basic way and overtraining my clients, now I have them train less, and they feel much better and have time for the other joys of life.

I truly feel people should give HEAVY DUTY™ high intensity training an honest shot, because not only am I proof that it works, but people all over the country are finding out that if you listen to your body and remember that your body grows when it is at rest, then you can finally achieve your dreams.

I would like to thank Joanne and Mike and Ray for their wonderful words of guidance and in helping me grow not only in muscles but in mind.

Shane Burke, Personal Fitness Trainer

A TRIBUTE TO MIKE MENTZER -- Posted 11/15/18
Carl Adams, Certified Master Martial Arts Instructor in Okinawan Karate
Dallas, Texas, USA

Carl Adams Training
Carl Adams Training
I am honored to write this tribute about a gentleman that revolutionized training and introduced all of us to the Mike Mentzer way of bodybuilding – HEAVY DUTY™ high intensity training.

I started weight training around 16 years of age and did the normal three days a week full body training for several years until I saw an article by Mike in Iron Man magazine. In the article, Mike talked about his training method at the time which was a four-day split where he worked out on Monday/Tuesday, off Wednesday and then worked out again on Thursday/Friday, then off Saturday and Sunday.

I immediately fell in love with his way of working out and really enjoyed finishing my workout in 30 minutes versus two hours as I was normally doing.

By using Mike’s principles I went from a mere 175 pounds to a rock solid 225 pounds after a two-year period of training.

By training the HEAVY DUTY™ style as Mike emphasized, I felt strong all the time, and when I finished my workouts I felt like I had really completed a great strength and size producing workout.

Once seeing Mike’s article, I immediately ordered all of Mike’s HEAVY DUTY™ books and started sharing my knowledge with my friends and peers and work.

When I first was introduced to Mike’s training principles, I had just become a police officer in a small town in Florida and immediately became a proponent of high intensity training. All my buddies were still training in the old way of doing things and when they saw the books and the training principles by Mike they all just had to try it out. Immediately everyone started seeing results like never before. We didn’t know it at the time, but we had all been over training as we had been following all the guidelines of the muscle heads in the magazines at the time.

The first time I actually saw Mike in action was at the 1979 IFBB Southern Professional Cup held in Miami, FL. Of course Mike was incredible and won the event beating out all of the top competitors at the time including Robbie Robinson. He looked even better in person then in the magazines After leaving local law enforcement, I went to work for the government in a security specialist position.

At that time, the governmental site that I was assigned to became aware of my interest in fitness and after some work on my part in convincing them, they decided to send me to Nautilus instructor training school in Deland Florida. They were in the process of opening a gym on-site so all security officers at the location could work out while on duty in order to get in shape and be better officers because of it. The branch of the government at the time had come to learn that security officers being in shape would help with their overall performance and health.

Later I came to understand that Mike and Ray had actually worked with Arthur Jones, the founder/owner of Nautilus for a while and had later taken some of the Nautilus’s principles to a new level.

Upon returning from the training program in Deland, I ordered over $65,000 worth of Nautilus equipment for the gym and developed a training curriculum for all the security officers on site based on a lot of Mike’s principles. The officers that followed Mike’s guidelines got very impressive results in half the time of other programs at the time.

Not only was I into strength training, but I was also an accomplished martial artist. I can honestly say that due to Mike’s principles and strength training, it made me a better man, a better athlete and a better martial artist. I will forever be grateful to Mike for having such an impact on my life in general.

Over the years, I have collected just about every book that Mike had ever written or had written about him. I constantly review them when I have a question about working out and as Joanne Sharkey would say to me. “let Mike speak to you through his words”.

At this time, I have got to give accolades and appreciation to Ms. Joanne Sharkey for continuing to carry on Mike’s teachings to the world since his passing in 2001. Without Joanne’s work, many of us would have never had the opportunity to learn of Mike or his principles or experience the awesome results from his programs. Thank you Joanne for all that you have done, and if anyone deserves to be getting to the point of retirement, it is you do! You are truly a special friend to Mike, Ray and all of us around the world. I am now in my late 50s and even though I had taken several years’ time off from working out; I have never forgotten Mike’s principles, and I will do them for the rest of my life. Even though I don’t work out as heavy as I use to, the isolation compound program that Mike emphasized is part of my workout to this date.

There will never be another man like Mike Mentzer. Yes he was radical in his thinking as he was the loan source of intellect and fought all the powers to be and the champions at the time who emphasized six day workouts. Mike was a strong proponent of his HEAVY DUTY™ training principles, and once seeing the results from his clients, no one could dispute his training programs.

In the later years, Mike developed what he called the “Ideal Routine-Workout” where you’re training every 4 to 7 days. After trying the workout, I have seen incredible results. I would have never thought that someone training every 4 to 7 days would produce enough muscle stimulation to produce growth and muscle size, but Mike’s program did it. Again I am truly indebted to Mike and all his training principles and all his guidance throughout the years. Those out in the world that have never experienced a true HEAVY DUTY™ workout as Mike continues to teach in the pages of his books, then they have never truly worked out intensely. Mike, you are truly missed Sir, and we wish you peace in the afterlife. With most respect in regards,

Carl Adams – Dallas Texas
Certified Master Martial Arts instructor in Okinawan Karate.

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