In Loving Memory of

Mike Mentzer
(November 15, 1951 - June 10, 2001)
        Ray Mentzer  (August 2, 1953 - June 12, 2001)

Posted 6/10/06

by Joanne Sharkey

Mike and Ray


"The purpose of my writing and communications with others,
in addition to providing rational training guidance, is to help
achieve an ideal society via a cultural revolution that will bring
men back to reason and logic, the only means of solving
the problems threatening our very survival."
---- Mike Mentzer

During the last five years since Mike and Ray passed on, the ideals that they held regarding a life of reason and morality, and the principles of HEAVY DUTY™, have gained a great number of adherents, reflected by the ongoing expressions of gratitude and appreciation that come to this website. Mike and Ray have obviously changed the lives of many people and are continuing to be an enormously positive influence. Their sense of life and its possibilities have motivated and inspired so many people to do better - to encourage them to establish and reach their goals -- physically and mentally.

Mike and Ray accepted life as their standard of value and held to their belief that life is good and worth living - with intensity. Their courage in fighting life's hardships has been a constant reminder that the greatest honor we can pay them would be to apply what they taught us to our own life situations - i.e., to try to live more rational, purposeful lives rather than to give in to the irrationality and negativity that surrounds us. Our actions should be reflective of what we have learned from these two great men!

Mike was a pioneer, not only in his HEAVY DUTY™ High-Intensity Training approach to bodybuilding, but also in upholding Ayn Rand's philosophy of rational egoism. His invaluable contribution to the world of exercise science and health was to uphold the importance of mind and body unity. Because of this, he had a positive effect on more than just his clients' physical development; his gift was the equal devotion to both mind and body, and the integrated life that results. Through Mike's books, audiotapes, and articles, he inspired people to acquire a thirst for knowledge of bodybuilding principles from a scientific standpoint, and for the study of philosophy.

Some people are actually just now discovering the teachings of Mike Mentzer for the first time, and it pleases me enormously to hear and read of the excitement these newcomers are experiencing, and to witness a new generation of young bodybuilders of high school and college age reaching out for and learning HEAVY DUTY™ High-Intensity Training, and thus rejecting the traditional high-volume approach (HVT) to bodybuilding. It is also interesting to see changes being made by some bodybuilding innovators wherein they are incorporating more of the Mentzer-style of training to their own training theories. Mike would be pleased to see that his HEAVY DUTY™ methodology has now reached the attention of the people who might never have known about it. Today when "high-intensity training" is mentioned by various writers, gym owners and trainers, Mike Mentzer's name is frequently mentioned, and I smile as I think that even though he is not here, he still remains an influential figure within the bodybuilding circles and magazines.

As Mike loved to point out, we live in a rational, knowable universe of clear-cut identity, that knowledge and certainty are possible, and that there is no dichotomy between mind and body. Both Mike and Ray provided us with two lifetimes worth of knowledge of bodybuilding, fitness, philosophy, peak performance, physical rehabilitation, and motivational wisdom. Such a vast contribution is impressive - and comforting, in that each time we read something from Mike, he is with us again. Just ask anyone who proudly wears his HEAVY DUTY© logo shirt to the gym - they will tell you that one or both of the Mentzer brothers are "inspiring" them on through their workouts.

Five years later, it appears that they will be with us for many more years to come. My promise to them -- and to you -- was that their teachings would continue in precisely the same straightforward manner that they themselves made it their policy to practice, and this has been accomplished.

To proceed on with Mike Mentzer's original philosophy for www.Mikementzer.com, we shall continue to encourage our visitors, customers, fans, and supporters to walk forward with the torch of reason held high, and for each individual to pursue his own rational self-interest and his own happiness as the highest moral purpose of his life.

Thank you for your continued loyalty and support. Special appreciation is extended to those who have submitted their testimonials, tributes, and tribute articles for this 2006 celebration of the lives and accomplishments of Mike and Ray Mentzer.

Joanne Sharkey, President

Mentzer-Sharkey Enterprises, Inc.

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