from Joanne Sharkey

Due to the increasing number of phone calls and emails, I will no longer be able to provide free training advice or answer personal questions about Mike or Ray Mentzer. Basically, the office phone service will be used primarily as voice mail and calls will be returned strictly by the urgency of the call from Monday through Thursday. At this time it is important for us to focus strictly on the flow of customer orders and client consultations, and on completing our new publishing projects.

Your understanding, patience and continued support are greatly appreciated. It is because of your support to www.Mikementzer.com that my mission to continue to keep Mike Mentzer’s HEAVY DUTY™ works available to everyone has been accomplished.

Mikementzer.com will be updated as there is new information to post. It is most important that time be spent productively to satisfy the needs of customers, clients and fans by continuing to provide excellent customer service. The main purpose of this web site is to provide a "home" for Mike Mentzer's legacy and a place where you can purchase his items. Mike held that his official web site would not be just another bodybuilding site and that same image has been maintained in memory of him. In the event there is something you would like to see or to contribute on this web site, feel free to send your suggestions via email to Mikementzerco@aol.com

Joanne Sharkey, President
Mentzer-Sharkey Enterprises, Inc.

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