Fact Vs. Fiction

By Joanne Sharkey

Mike Mentzer at 1980 Mr. Olympia Contest
Mike Mentzer at the
1980 Mr. Olympia Contest

To all the faithful fans and supporters of Mike Mentzer and his HEAVY DUTY™ teachings and philosophy, and to all the new and curious readers that are visiting this site for the very first time.

For those of you who do not know me, my name is Joanne Sharkey, legal Successor-in-Interest to Mike Mentzer’s HEAVY DUTY™ Intellectual Property Rights, Copyrights and Trademarks, etc. There has been a proliferation of internet geniuses claiming to know how Mike would have continued to evolve his suggested training routines for mass to the point of ridiculousness. There have also been individuals in recent times claiming to be “Mike’s close friend”, or the one to “carry the Heavy Duty torch forward”. It’s necessary for me to clear the air of any confusion regarding Mike’s final intentions as I know them to be AND to reiterate what my mission regarding Mike’s legacy has been for your sake.

First, the fundamental principles behind Heavy Duty™ remain the same to this day. Mike applied his critical thought processes to the system when he originally created it, and if you were to follow all of his writings sequentially, you would find that he made necessary adjustments based on observing the real-world results of his thousands of in-gym & phone consultation clients. Those adjustments and observations are represented in his final work...High Intensity Training The Mike Mentzer Way.

I’ll say that last part again for total clarity;
“Those adjustments and observations are represented in his final work…High Intensity Training The Mike Mentzer Way”

--While John Little and myself finished the final book “The Mike Mentzer Way” with McGraw-Hill Publishing (Mike passed away after he approved the final manuscript), it STILL represents what Mike knew and believed to be the most effective and result-producing way to train!
--There were no secret discussions about a “turbo” version of HEAVY DUTY™ to be presented in another new book to be released at a later date.
--There were no regrets about his life’s work. No desire to “backtrack” to the original HEAVY DUTY™ writings as being more truthful, or more result-producing.

The Mike Mentzer Way IS Mike’s final word on anything he updated!

Secondly, when Mike passed at such an early age, he was involved in the beginning stages of several new projects. He felt that the information contained in HIT The Mike Mentzer Way, his last book, represented the culmination of his life’s work up till that point, and he said as much! He was ready and excited about moving on to those new projects (some related to HD, and some not.)

Remember -- MIKE DIDN’T INTEND ON LEAVING US WHEN HE DID!!! He had great excitement regarding those upcoming projects, and considered his life’s work to be very successful up to that point, so appointing a new HEAVY DUTY™ torch-bearer was not a consideration at the time. These new projects were discussed on many occasions with Joanne Sharkey, and Mike always said that if anything were to happen to him, he knew SHE would continue on with his legacy. The Mentzer family knew this and so did a select few of his colleagues.

I recall when John Heart said to me... “I remember the occasion when one of Mike’s students and I (we were training partners at the time) took him to dinner with the intention of getting him to involve us more with him and in Heavy Duty, the business. We were young and surely way too arrogant at the time to see how foolish it must have appeared for us to approach Mike like that. While he listened to all we had to say, he simply ate his food then changed the subject. Obviously Mike never intended for either of us to carry Heavy Duty forward.”

These are just a few of the unfounded rumors and theories that continue to this day to occupy the space of many internet forums. The individuals that continue to carry on these conversations need not waste their time any longer. Most (if not all) of those claimed theories are not true. Mike mentioned more than one time in his writings what he saw as the “final stop” for the most advanced trainees on their path to achieving their genetic potential, so let the reader take it all in the proper context as Mike intended. Once the trainee had worked his way to such an advanced level, Mike described what a potential routine may look like for that person (which was ANYTHING but a routine, but rather an “event”.) I’ll leave the rest for you to read about in his writings.

Some final thoughts on Mike’s legacy and my mission...
I’ve worked tirelessly for 16 years after his passing to ensure that those interested would have access to all of Mike’s writings through his original website www.mikementzer.com, as well as, the continuance of his phone consultation business for most of those years. I used only the best trainers possible that would teach the fundamentals of Mike’s Heavy Duty training in its authentic form. The first few years, John LITTLE offered his expertise in working with my HEAVY DUTY Phone Consultation clients ensuring they understood how to correctly apply Mike’s principles. John LITTLE also wrote articles for the HEAVY DUTY COLUMN in Ironman Magazine. When John LITTLE got too busy with his own business ventures, it was John HEART who stepped forward offering his assistance to me. Luckily I knew from Mike himself how highly he regarded both individuals and their knowledge and without a doubt, I knew they were sincere in their wanting to “give something back to Mike” – their friend and colleague. I have the utmost respect and gratitude for both of these gentlemen.

Mike was a pragmatic individual that didn’t believe in wasting one’s valuable seconds on this planet being confused or unnecessarily following the path of those who would do, or say, anything to separate you from your hard-earned money! As a matter of fact, to those that are still attempting to ride his coattails rather than create their own destiny, he would tell them to “Go read a book, and work on your intellect!” Oh...how clearly I could hear him say those words! To those individuals, I offer this bit of advice; if you feel the need to somehow add to, or take anything away, from Mike’s final written works...the consequences are yours and yours alone! But in you doing so, it is NOT Mike’s authentic teachings – only bits and pieces. Heed Mike’s words by working on your own intellect and then combine it with ethical business practices in order to be successful and most of all fair and honest with any clients you may have!

In the meanwhile, I know by all of your emails and phone calls that my mission has been successful. I’ve been successful at upholding my mission to this day with integrity and ethically, and I thank those who have helped along the way. The list of these supporters and friends has continued to be a long roster of devoted trainers.

Heavy Duty is now in just about every country and has grown within the USA, and messages of great progress continue to pour in from those who have taken Mike’s training advice! I will soon be working with new testimonials to prepare for posting to Mikementzer.com. So many of you find such inspiration from reading the testimonials.

Within the next few weeks, I will be posting updated news as to future plans.

Joanne Sharkey
Successor-in Interest to Mike Mentzer’s Intellectual Property Rights

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